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Almost everyone wants to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas - fashionistas, cooks, artists, technologists. Choices of writing platform include self-managed services like Ghost, public writing platforms like Medium, or self-developed projects using tools like Hugo. Here's the problem with being a techie - we want control, we want to create things, and we want to use the latest and greatest tech.

I've had revamping my website on my todo list for quite some time now - almost a year. In that time, I started developing a blog with Hugo and Github pages. I burned way too much time on this! I learned a few things, but it's quite an undertaking to build a production ready website and blog with the necessary functionality, support, and ease of use - let alone search optimisation, analytics, media cards, and ensuring responsiveness on all devices.

I finally opted to throw away my code and move to Ghost. I've tinkered with the open source solution in the past, and considered hosting it on a cloud platform; however, after some consideration, I opted to support Ghost Pro by paying for the service on the official platform. I did it for these reasons:

  • It's a completely managed service.
  • Patches and updates should be more reliable since it's from the creators.
  • It's supporting an open source team.
  • I have available technical support when needed.

Getting Ghost up and running was an absolute breeze. Migrating all my posts and data to Ghost Pro did take quite a while because of the custom structure from the old website, but the Ghost team were even courteous enough to extend my trial to give me some time to migrate and test some themes before I decided upgraded. Although Ghost Pro is a bit on the pricey side compared to other platforms, right now, it fulfils my needs and has been a pleasure to create content on and manage the website.

I'm creating and publishing more content these days, so stay tuned for more about tech, people, and ideas!

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