Founder, author, speaker

It's too easy to get caught up in our daily lives and immediate objectives, and forget about the wonderful universe we live in. By learning about disparate concepts in the world, one can build an intuition and deeper understanding of the interconnectivity of everything; and hopefully use that more-informed view to make a positive difference.

Who we are

1. Collaboration is intelligence
2. Fighting tooth and nail
3. The job of sleep
4. Mice are...human?
5. Why is it spicy?
6. You're mostly electric signals
7. Death's weapons

Interesting economies

8. From nothing to our sole-mates
9. The four magical chords
10. Please don't stop the music
11. Just ship it
12. Michelin innovation
13. The wealth of football
14. Rich in artillery

The world around us

15. Fewer fish in the sea
16. Why we need bees
17. Consequences of advancement
18. Turbulent climate change
19. Sleeping with the fishes
20. Catching air
21. Unfair slice of the pie
22. The need for fresh water
23. We're running out of sand

Our advancement

24. Tectonic shifts shaping Pangea
25. The radiation all around us
26. Eruptions of data
27. Crypto(graphy)
28. We have lift-off
29. Mars, the robot planet
30. Keeping up with the Kardashevs
31. Our impending doom

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