Author of Grokking Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Rishal Hurbans


Author of Grokking AI Algorithms. Founder of Prolific Idea and Viszen. SA at Entelect

Grokking AI Algorithms

I wrote Grokking Artificial Intelligence Algorithms. The book is a fully-illustrated and interactive tutorial guide to the different approaches and algorithms that underpin AI.

Articles & Writing

Talks & Workshops

My talks and workshops are usually around solution architecture, design and design thinking, tech and business, artificial intelligence, and sometimes philosophy.

Talks & Workshops

I co-founded Viszen with Hennie Brink. Viszen is a Software-as-a-Service platform for streamlined process digitization towards a paperless world. Our platform helps organizations transform physical documents, forms, and processes into digital experiences with as little effort as possible.

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