Rishal Hurbans

Founder at Prolific Idea
Solutions Architect at Entelect
Innovator at Intel

Rishal is currently fulfilling the role of a solutions architect at Entelect. He is involved in ideating, designing and developing solutions for various national and international blue chip clients whilst actively growing thought​ leadership capabilities within the company and tech community. He has a passion for software engineering, digital architecture, mobile development, design thinking methodologies, artificial intelligence, and philosophy. Rishal founded Prolific Idea in 2015 where innovation is cultivated through research and technology. Prolific Idea has since released a collaborative productivity platform, Hivemind. Rishal has a keen interest in community involvement and development. He runs the Artificial Intelligence South Africa(AI ZA) monthly meetings and is an active speaker at conferences. Rishal is also an Intel Innovator in the AI space which allows for research and development with cutting edge technology from Intel.