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Machine learning and deep learning are becoming widely adopted areas in developing innovative solutions. This talk aims to be a primer of neural networks; including the inspiration and intuition behind the concept, and the knowledge and tools one can acquire to start learning and experimenting.

As members of the technology industry, we are often bombarded with new jargon, new buzzwords, and new concepts from news and developments around the world. Artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning(ML), and neural networks(NN) all fall into that category of buzz words. This talk dives into the concept of neural networks. Neural networks are known as something used in machine learning, but few people understand how they work and the potential power of them. This talk includes how neural networks fit into AI, the historic inspiration, the intuition for how neural networks operate, the mathematical knowledge required for working with neural networks, the use cases for neural networks, and programming tools and frameworks that can assist one in developing machine learning applications using neural networks.

My talks and workshops are usually around software architecture, design and design thinking, tech and business, artificial intelligence, and sometimes philosophy. I always try to adapt my content and approach for talks and workshops to align with the context and audience. For more information about my talks and workshops, see here. If you're interested in having me speak at your event, contact with the details.

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