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Design thinking is a methodology used by designers to create innovative and effective solutions.  Most scientific methodologies of working take all the known factors into account when deriving a  solution, whereas, design thinking analyses both the known and the unknown. It challenges us to  delve deeper into the problem and read between the lines before forming a solution. This talk aims  to provide insight into activities and practices that assist developers in building effective,  robust, and usable software by utilising the design thinking methodology.  

Developer design thinking aims to enlighten developers on ways to embrace both technical and  practical problems by keeping some of the mentioned concepts in mind and employing some of the  mentioned practices in their projects.  Key points: -What is design thinking? -The psychology of developers. -What makes a solution optimal? -Design thinking practices for developers. — Brainstorming and workshops. — Understanding people. — Understanding the problem. — User experience and software performance. — Prototyping. — Testing and quality assurance.

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My talks and workshops are usually around software architecture, design and design thinking, tech and business, artificial intelligence, and sometimes philosophy. I always try to adapt my content and approach for talks and workshops to align with the context and audience. For more information about my talks and workshops, see here. If you're interested in having me speak at your event, contact with the details.

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